Cofi Coo Quillows – Soft Activity Blanket & Play Mat that folds into a Cushion

Our Quillows are unique because they are story-telling activity blankets so that children can ignite their imaginationpromote restful sleep and learn responsibility.

They can be used as soft play matsactivity matscomfort blankets, snuggly blankets for cheeky naps on the sofa or to comfort those mild chills and when done, they simply fold away into a cushion so they’re ideal as a travel blankets and pillows.

Our Quillows are a perfect playtime accessory for every child as it ignites their imagination and provides endless entertainment…by themselves or with you!

Find out What is a Quillow and Meet the Characters

Introducing our range of childrens Quillows and Activity Blankets


Check out our range of modern Quillows which children use as activity blankets and play mats to start creating amazing adventures!


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