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 Cofi Coo are a children’s homewares brand that specialises in contemporary Quillow’s


First things first… what is a Quillow??

A Quillow is essentially a blanket that folds neatly away into a cushion.  Our unique Quillows are story-telling activity blankets enabling children to ignite their imagination, promote restful sleep and learn responsibility.

We have specifically created and designed our Quillows to be multi purpose so they are also used as play mats, floor mats, comfort blankets, travel blankets, cushions, pillows and activity mats.  

Using our characters as the beginning of exciting adventures, we give children the opportunity to explore the boundaries of their imagination by putting them in charge of creating their own stories

Our Quillows are a perfect play time accessory for every child as it encourages their imagination and provides limitless entertainment…by themselves or with you!

Click here for detailed information on our Quillows and how they can transform your childs play time and nap time



About Us – The Cofi Coo Story

Whilst moving with the fast pacing digital era, Cofi Coo holds the traditional values of fun learning, creativity and imagination. We provide the opportunities for children explore ideas, visualise stories and create adventures; as these are key drivers in a child’s cognitive development.

boy scaring girl with a robot and space blanket

Cofi Coo is an award-winning company, based in Birmingham, West Midlands. It is owned and run by Ammara and Alina who are sisters.

“Our Mum made and bought home a traditional Quillow when we were younger and we loved the idea.  We were reminiscing one day and decided that we wanted to create a modern Quillow.  Our market research with parents identified a lack of original and modern designs and characters for children in the UK for blankets and cushions. They wanted something that was different from the ‘old school’ cartoon characters, repetitive animal prints…or pink for girls and blue for boys”“So we created a prototype and that’s how Cofi Coo Quillows and the characters Space BotsCandy Rain and Cofi Coo were ‘born’…out of demand and feedback”

“We love characters ourselves and love coming up with more crazy character ideas so we have a long way to go with the business!!”  Ammara and Alina




Cofi Coo Quillows - Activity blanket designs for children


Our Quillow and Activity Blanket Collection


At Cofi Coo we have meticulously designed our Quillows to ensure that they ignite imagination and creativity in children thus encouraging them to create endless stories. Children use them as activity blankets, play mats, travel blankets and they’re great for making dens!

 Our debut collection consists of three designs.  Click here to meet all three characters; Cofi Coo, Candy Rain and Space Bots.  

 “Every day is a new adventure with Cofi Coo”





Awards and Nominations


Our awards include Winner of Young Entrepreneur of the Year and SBS Small Business Sunday by Theo Paphitis.

We are proud to be nominated as runners up and finalists in many other awards and most recently as a Product of the Year Finalist in 2017 by Networking Mummies Business Recognition Awards.


   Cofi Coo Quillow Nomination Networking Mummies - Finalist2017Cofi Coo Quillow-Childrens Blanket- SBS Winner-Theo Paphitis 





We have had an amazing start to an exciting journey as entrepreneurs. We would not be here without the immense support and guidance we have had along the way from our parents, family, friends, mentors, enablers and our fellow entrepreneur friends. We are grateful to have you all. 

To name a few: 

Adrian Burns, Katherine Burns, Navita Uddin, Lizzie Allistair, Rachel Owen, Thiry Thompson, Joe Trodden & James Powell. 



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