Cabin Crew gives Cofi Coo Quillow a Big Thumbs Up (Product Review)

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I’m Emma, Director of Scrumptious Parties and a quillow lover. You may wonder what reasons could a party planner have to love a quillow? Well, prior to running my own business I was a cabin crew for British Airways. In fact, a cabin crew manager, one of those people that stand at the aircraft door with a reputation for stern faces and unapproachable body language (however I’m proud to say I didn’t tick these boxes). In total, I flew for 21 years and 6 days (don’t forget the 6 days) travelling all over the world, working with all sorts of people and ‘dealing’ with all sorts of passengers, their children and their excess hand luggage!

Emma Loves Quillow Blanket Perfect for Travelling

Emma Loves Quillow Blanket – Perfect for Travelling

Had I known about the quillow when I flew I would have shouted from the rooftops about it! It’s a perfect accessory for people travelling with children, especially as it’s your own so you know EXACTLY how clean it is. I am not saying that the airline blankets and cushions are dirty but they do get used over and over again. The quillow is made from high-quality cotton; you should feel it, it’s so soft. It is machine washable and quick drying too.  The colours are so vibrant and fun, not only do these cushions turn into blankets but they also double up as a play mat too. Perfect to keep the littlies entertained whilst snuggling down on the plane.



My favourite is the Space Bots quillow; with all the planets on it, it’s perfect for planet spotting at 30,000 feet. If you’re worried about carrying the quillow don’t be, they are super lightweight and would fit in most carry-on bags, under and on top of buggies. They are also light enough for children to carry, allowing them to take responsibility for their own belongings (never too young to teach those skills). I cannot sing the praises of the quillow enough, the quality & the universal uses for it: picnic blanket, summer quilt, travel pillow, sofa snuggles, travel blanket, car seat cover, play mat, cushion, educational and compact. I could go on and on but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that it’s a brilliant UK designed product and fabulous value too.

For more information on Space Bots Quillow click here or to find out why Cofi Coo quillows are so special click here


By Emma O’Hare

Twitter: @scrummyparties

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