Celebrating love with your children

Who says Valentine’s Day is just for grownups? It’s a perfect reason for anyone to celebrate with the special ones in your life whether it’s your parents, siblings or friends. Whilst most people are out celebrating, parents could feel the pressure of spending this romantic holiday indoors. But staying indoors with your little children doesn’t mean you have to give this day a miss. You can celebrate this love-filled holiday with your children with fun filled activities (shared below).

As parents, this is a wonderful opportunity for us to teach children the meaning of love and the importance of sharing their feelings and emotions. You can even start your very own family tradition and give Valentine’s Day a whole new meaning.

Space Comfort Blanket for Boys

It’s a day that serves as a reminder that you can take steps to deepen your connection with your children, but also between siblings. Take time out to spend with your children and talk about what love means to them and create memories.

Celebrating Valentine’s shouldn’t be just through gifting an item but also through expressing your emotions and communicating them in the best way possible. But, if you are buying a gift then get something that would hold sentimental value for years to come. Just like the Cofi Coo Quillows! A gift of not only comfort but also unlimited imagination; a special gift that they can truly enjoy when they are young and cherish for a lifetime.

girl boy with blanket for movie time

Activities to Explore and Show Love 

* Get up early to open up your cards and presents together.

* Organise a family date – pick a special spot in the house and dress up for the occasion. It could be anything from their favourite dress to a fancy costume.

* Before dinner time go around the table and say one positive word about each person sitting around the table.

* For those of you who love the outdoors, why not create your own treasure hunt. Create your own treasure map and explore the outdoors together.

* Spread some love by giving back and communicate the idea of making the world a better place. Start your own crafts project by making handmade cards and handing them out to patients at your local hospital. You could involve children in baking your favourite cookies or cupcakes and hand them out to homeless people.

* Snuggle under your favourite blanket and watch a movie. Some of our old favourite movies are ‘Lady and the Tramp’, ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Enchanted’ and ‘Finding Nemo’.

* Make bedtime extra special by selecting a valentine book like ‘Where Is Baby’s Valentine?’ to read together.

However you decide to celebrate this Valentine’s day, we wish you a great day filled with love and lifelong memories.


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