CheekiMummy on Embracing Traditional Creative Play

The one thing I have always been sure of as a parent was that I wanted MiniMonkey to explore his own imagination and never be afraid to express himself.

This has never been truer than over the past 3 months as we have entered into the world of the Threenager!

MiniMonkey loves to play, he loves to really get involved with his imagination and creates worlds for him and his toys and more often than not they usually all end up in space as they are running away from the dinosaurs!


When I was pregnant I read one book: Brain Rules for Baby. It was all about brain development from 0 – 5 and what we can do to support them as they grow. The one thing that stuck with me the most was around just letting them absorb the world around them. Any activity you do (no matter how mundane), is amazing to them. Think about how much joy a simple wooden train brings them? How about making a fort? And as for going to the shops…it’s a world of colour and wonder.


This is where CofiCoo come in. They really do embrace the world of imagination, play and practicality. The idea where we can have a Quillow (Quilt + Pillow = Quillow see what they did there) that can travel is perfect for parents and kids alike. Don’t want to take the play mat on holiday? No problem, grab your Quillow and when at your destination play mat and quilt are ready to rock. The small humans can get to playing straight away and no need to bring an extra suitcase full of toys and games that may or may not be used.

In our current fast paced world it is hard to step away from technology, and for me I really want to embrace a more traditional way of playing. Now please don’t get me wrong, I am all for a bit of technology and Cbeebies is my favourite channel when I need to get something done; but when we have a chance to step away and create a world of dinosaurs and spaceships I am all for it.


There is research telling us that Generation Z (post millennials) are starting to ‘switch off’. Choosing to detox from their Smartphones and take stock of the world around them.  I applaud them and hope that it is a movement that continues to gather momentum and travel down to our kids. I know I am guilty of finding it hard to step away from the phone, laptop, IPad and just be present with the MiniMonkey. In saying this we are now following his lead and when he asks us to play with him, we do exactly what we are asked to do and get lost in his world with him.

For more information on the Space Bots Quillow and the limitless adventures, click here.


By Sinead Latham

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