Fun Activities for Easter Break

Easter is finally here, a great time to get together as a family to enjoy indoor and outdoor activities.  Here are some ideas that not only kids will love but grownups too.

Bunny Hop Race

Use pillowcases to wear and then race your kids to the finish line.

Chore Games

How do you motivate your children to do normal everyday house chores so that you can spend more time having fun together? Here’s a solution! Why not make chores into a fun game. You can create competitive clean up game between siblings or hide treats to be found once the room is cleaned up.


Old Cardboard Box

Do you have an old cardboard cereal boxes waiting to be recycled? Why not be super creative and use it as a canvas to create beautiful work of art or even face masks.

Quillow Fun

Create your own fantasy game using your favourite Quillow and other household items. You can pretend that your Quillow is a magical island you need to get too but how do you cross the big ocean (ehm your living room floor)? Well why worry when you have big cushion ships to take you there.

Treasure Hunt

Hide your children’s favourite toys and treats like Easter eggs around the house and let them find them.

Good Old Colouring Books

Make your own patterns and drawings, and your children to colour them in.

Click here to begin fun adventures with Cofi Coo and friends. 

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