What is a Quillow?

A Quillow is essentially a blanket that folds into a cushion. However, our Quillows are unique because they are also story-telling activity blankets so that children can ignite their imagination, promote restful sleep and learn responsibility.

Using our characters as a starting point, we give your children the opportunity to push the boundaries of their imagination by putting them in charge of creating their own ideas and stories.

Our Quillows are very special; they are 3 in 1! They can be used as a soft play mat, a snuggly blanket for a cheeky nap on the couch or to comfort those mild chills and when done, it simply folds away into a cushion.

We understand a parent’s need for space and the usefulness of an item having more than one function, so we made our Quillows more modern (using vibrant, story-telling designs on a soft 100% super soft cotton blanket especially spun for our quillows) and more practical (folding into a compact cushion suitable for little hands and travelling).

Our Quillows are a perfect play time accessory for every child as it ignites their imagination and provides endless entertainment…by themselves or with you!


What are the main benefits of Cofi Coo Quillows?

3 in 1 function:

Play Time – they’re an activity blanket or play mat to stimulate your child’s imagination enabling them to create unlimited stories and encourage adventures based on the exciting characters printed on our Quillows
Nap Time – your children can use it as a cozy, soft blanket for relaxation, feeling secure and keeping warm
Tidy Time – you can use it to teach responsibility because your children can easily fold it away into a cushion (see instructions and video below)

Compactness – One of the many benefits of our Quillows is its compactness. It doubles up as a travel blanket and cushion in the car so your child can use it as a comfort blanket and take the adventures with you on holiday.

Light weight – easy to carry around

Encourages fun learning – Cofi Coo Quillows are used as activity blankets which have a range of characters printed on them as a starting point for unlimited stories

Choice of designs and characters – Choose from Space Bots, Candy Rain and Cofi Coo

Promotes Positive Energy – Vibrant and exciting colours stimulate positive thinking and learning

Easy to care for – 100% soft cotton blanket, quick drying, machine washable and colors won’t run so they can be washed again and again (to ensure top quality products, we use the same manufacturers as Marks & Spencer and John Lewis)

Multi-Purpose – Our Quillows can be used as comfort blankets, play mats, travel blankets, floor mats, cushions, pillows, activity mats and much more!

Long Lasting – Not only a durable design and material, it can be used when your child moves to a single bed as the blanket is big enough (120 x 160cm so not too big, not too small…just right!)

Saves storage space – The activity blanket folds into a cushion so it’s also perfect for caravans, sleep overs and to use in the car when you are traveling

Pretend Play – Children can use it to create their own den and adventures

Click here to check out our full range and to meet the characters


How do you fold our Quillow?

The illustration and instruction clip below shows how easy it is to fold our multi-purpose children’s activity blanket into a cushion…in 3 easy steps!  You can also use this video to encourage and teach your child about tidying up and taking responsibility of their possessions.   


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