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We hear from Rebecca Dooley, a primary school teacher working in a leading London day school and founder of London’s Little Thinkers (LLT). LLT is an online resource which aims to promote a creative, engaging and educational London life for Little Thinkers.

As the wonderful Einstein said “Logic will get you from A – B. Imagination will take you everywhere” and here at LLT we couldn’t agree with him more. Sir Ken Robinson has always been a source of inspiration for me and I fully value his attitude towards enlightening imagination and creativity and moving away from the ‘production line of activity’ in education. It is time that we value each learner and support children to make mistakes, to think outside the box and to foster their imagination. You can probably understand now why I chose the name ‘Little Thinkers’ for my company. Children should be free to think, to explore and most importantly to dream and to be children! It is our role to allow them to be little whilst listening to and respecting them.

I was therefore very excited to receive a blog request from the team at Cofi Coo who also share the same passion of nurturing children’s imagination and creativity. There are many ways to support this but one method which I hold close to my heart is that of storytelling. It is an exceptionally powerful tool and one which I too often see underestimated or eradicated from childhood. Cofi Coo will certainly stimulate endless stories for your Little Thinker!

The Cofi Coo prints are meticulously designed based on research and will without a doubt set your child’s imagination on fire. They will meet and create characters, go on adventures, build stories, dream, imagine and more…! The perfect way for your child to be immersed in a magical world of storytelling whilst being in the comfort and safety of their own home. Imaginative play is a fundamental aspect of childhood and if nurtured then it is the purest form of learning. Through this imaginary play children will develop their communication and social skills, their language, their vocabulary, their senses, their motor skills and much more. It our duty as adults to nurture, promote and develop this skill.. the skill which makes every Little Thinker so beautifully unique.

Imagination is the source of all human achievement”.

Sir Ken Robinson

Click here to meet the Cofi Coo characters to start your childs world of story telling.

By Rebecca Dooley

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