The Story Behind Cofi Coo

Hello and welcome to our very first blog.

Cofi Coo is a children’s homewares brand, specialising in Quillow’s. For those who are not familiar with a Quillow, a Quillow is essentially a blanket that can be folded away as a cushion. At Cofi Coo we have given the Quillow a makeover, added an imaginative storytelling twist and have brightened it up for the modern-day family.

Cofi Coo Multipurpose Blanket Unisex

Cofi Coo is our first business venture and it would be right to say it’s a family business. Two sisters in business. Yes, that’s right ‘two sisters in business!!’. That’s the usual response we get. Not sure why but we get this bizarre look every time we say that. We’ve come to the conclusion it’s either because we don’t really look alike or the contemplation on how we keep the peace, because that’s usually the next question.

Whilst growing up in the 90’s and 2000’s our mum made us a Quillow and we were obsessed with the coolest functioning blanket (not in looks, sorry mum florals were just not our thing). As we were both in full time education we joked ‘we should do something with this in the future’ oblivious to the fact that we actually would. Fast forward the story and here we are now (as we will post more about our journey in our next few posts), frankly proud as punch presenting to you our very first range of Quillow’s, made from the finest cotton which has been especially sprung for us giving it that extra wow factor.

But that’s not all! We are more than just a company that sells children’s blankets. We are passionate about imagination, creativity and storytelling. Like Einstein we also believe that imagination is more important than knowledge, unlimited and a source of progress.

As we are living in a fast-paced world where technology is dominant, we often forget how important it is to stop and take in the world around us. Children learn from adults around them, and unlike us our children are born in an ever-evolving techno environment where they are constantly engaged and have access to information 24/7. Researchers have found that children are not as easily and often bored as they used to be; limiting their use of imagination to create their own imaginary world with endless possibilities.

boy scaring girl with a robot and space blanket

Which is why we want to bring back and promote old methods of play and storytelling as it is a major contributor towards a child’s cognitive development, Our Quillows are used as a catalyst to encourage children to use their imagination to create, share and tell stories with the Cofi Coo characters, making everyday a fun adventure with Cofi Coo & friends.

We will be regularly partnering with guest bloggers to bring you their adventures of parenting in this fast-paced world and sharing ideas on how to best encourage imagination, creativity and storytelling in children.

Until next time, see you on our next blog-venture.

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