The Perfect ‘Playful’ Balance by Hayley Thorne

We currently live in a world where technology is so very dominant in every aspect of our lives. When Microsoft was founded back in the 1970’s, Bill Gates had a vision of; “a computer in every home”. I doubt he ever dreamed we’d be wearing little computers on our wrists, carrying mini computers in our pockets & installing systems in our homes to control almost every electrical device we own. I love technology & I fully embrace it… but… there needs to be some timeout… doesn’t there?

In March 2016, the most wonderful being came in to my life… Seth… my gorgeous little boy. He’s now almost 10 months old & very much into to ‘everything’. Around 4 month ago I began to notice his obsession with trying to grab my iPhone at every opportunity. Then, while out at baby groups, I noticed other little ones doing the same. I didn’t know how I felt about this Do I encourage it? I mean, technology does hold it’s place in education. I come from a teaching background with a teaching qualification. But then, I also come from a drama background, with a degree in drama. In drama we are taught the importance of play & imagination. I want my little one to develop… I don’t want to hinder his development in any way. I want to give him opportunities & never want to deny him of anything.

I came to the conclusion, that both imaginative play & technology can live in harmony… but for now… technology is in very small doses I mean, I was born in 1982 & when I was growing up we certainly didn’t play with mobile devices & laptops! Instead we played for hours with empty boxes that were spaceships taking us to a far off land!

I’m forever telling Seth Stories & talking to him to help develop his language. He loves to hear people singing & talking. He loves nothing more than rolling around on the floor, giggling & making silly noises. That’s where Cofi Coo make a fantastic playtime addition! The Cofi Coo Quillows are so versatile. They make such a comfy play mat to roll around on, or you can roll up in them to make a perfect den when hiding from the evil robots waiting to attack! But you can also fold the quillow into the cosiest of pillows to lay your heads on when telling stories. Our favourite character is Zayn on the Spacebots Design. The fun, vibrant characters on each of the quillows, really help to ignite the imagination. I mean… where does Zayn fly off to in his rocket? Naming the planets on the Spacebots quillow & naming all of the colours is much fun too. They can literally be used in so many ways, when you have such vibrant designs in front of you & a playful imagination… the possibilities are endless. Then, at the end of playtime, you can curl up cosy & comfy with your favourite Cofi Coo character.

Lets keep our little ones, little for that bit longer. They have plenty time to grow up in the digital age. Let’s let them play in the fun, imaginative age.

By Hayley Thorne
Twitter: @IxxyPoco 
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